About Augusta Pediatrics

Our mission is to provide our community with exceptional pediatric care that is compassionate, collaborative, and grounded in the pursuit of health and wellness for all children.

The physicians and staff of Augusta Pediatric Associates are here to do all we can to serve your children and your family with excellence. We are a group of nine board certified pediatricians who love to practice pediatric medicine and have a long history of serving our community. We want you to feel cared for from the time you call for an appointment, to walking into the office, through your entire visit, and any time you need our services. Caring for children and families over time as they grow into young adults through continuity of care is one of the most rewarding aspects of pediatric medicine. We hope you will feel at home, well cared for, and loved in our practice. We look forward to having you as part of the APA family.

Our practice was started by Dr. Jerry Miller in 1980, initially opening an office in Thomson, Georgia and soon thereafter transitioning to Augusta. We still see many patients from Thomson, and we are grateful to them for helping the practice in many ways. Dr. Steven Moore joined the practice soon after and both physicians continued to serve until their retirements, Dr. Moore in 2018 and Dr. Miller in 2019. We are continually grateful for the excellent standard of practice they upheld and for the wonderful care they gave to all of their many, many patients. We are honored that the majority of those patients have continued to trust our current physicians with their own and now their children’s or even grandchildren’ care.

Over the life of the practice, physicians have joined our group in order to continue to serve our patients and families in the same thoughtful and loving manner, still striving to practice excellent medicine. We have grown now to nine physicians in 2 locations. You can read about each of our current physicians on their individual bio page. We are thankful to be part of a practice with such a rich legacy. As we look to the future, we continue to be blessed with the privilege of caring for you and your children, and we are grateful for that privilege.

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Who We Are

We love children and feel very privileged to care for them. We take our responsibility to care for your children with the utmost seriousness, and we do whatever it takes to see that they receive excellent and loving care. You have the right to expect exceptional pediatric care from us. All of the physicians at Augusta Pediatric Associates, PC, are certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and members of the American College of Pediatricians, and we are committed to staying current with new information and treatments.

We view our practice as much more than simply having a career, job, or profession; we believe God has given us medical skills to use as a way of honoring him and serving others. We desire to serve our patients and their families in a way that combines medical expertise with compassion and gentleness. We think being a great pediatrician is more than simply taking care of your children’s physical needs, as important as that is; we also desire to serve your children in their mental and spiritual development.