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At Augusta Pediatric Associates, we cover a wide variety of services for or patients. Here are the patient resources our patients may need. As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

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Dentist Resources

Click here for info about dental options, plans, and to find a dentist.

Dentist Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Great resource for virtual screening offered by Augusta University.


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  • It is often important that your child be seen in order to determine which, or if, medication is needed. Frequently, our physicians will require a visit to make that determination.

  • Please check with your pharmacy to see if you have refills available before calling the office with a request for medications.

  • When a refill is needed, please call us in the morning so that we can obtain approval from your doctor and call in your prescription before the end of the day. Please try to keep track of essential prescriptions and let us know when you are running low so that we can call in additional refills before your child is out of medication.

  • Refills for routine medications will not be refilled when the office is closed.

ADD/ADHD Prescription Policy

  • Nearly all ADD/ADHD medications are controlled substances under the Drug Enforcement Administration, and therefore, are strictly regulated.

  • DEA guidelines allow for only one month’s supply; refills are not allowed on controlled substances.

  • When it is time for a new prescription, please give us at least 24 hours to write the prescription for you. This will give your physician time to review the chart and be sure that everything is in order.

  • We require patients on these medications to come in for a doctor’s visit every 4 months, so we can monitor the medication’s effects and side effects.

Illness Information

Symptom Checker

One of healthychildren.org’s most helpful features. This is a worried parent’s best friend for 24 hour advice for hundreds of medical concerns.


International Travel

Center for Disease Control Travel Resources


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