COVID-19 Update – March 17, 2020

As of March 17, 2020 due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, our office is implementing changes to protect the health of our patients, their families and our staff. Please see our Facebook  page for the most current updates. We are also implementing Telehealth  for some selected appropriate visits. We currently are not able to do…

Great Resource for COVID-19 Virtual Screenings

Great local resource for virtual screening.

Confessions of A Pediatrician

I have a confession to make. I was wrong. Very wrong. A week ago, someone asked about COVID-19 and how serious it was. I quickly said, “Wash your hands, it can be serious in elderly, but it’s a lot ‘like the flu’ and there is a lot of media hype”.

Helpful Links for Coronavirus Questions

See the helpful links here to the CDC website for questions pertaining to Coronavirus:

What should I do about Coronavirus to protect my child?

Coronavirus and your child, our patient….. As we all learn about the spread of Coronavirus around the world and now here in the US, the pediatricians at APA would like you, the parents of our patients, to know we are here to answer questions you may have. Much news through the media makes this sound…

Sesame Street in Communities

This is a great resource! Parents are the foundations for their children’s healthy development.  Sesame Street in Communities is here to support you in that important effort.

HealthyWork! Healthy Living Series

Click here for some healthy living videos from Cincinnati Children’s……screen time, teaching kids to exercise at an early age, setting the stage for success, and many more!  

“Sleeping Like a Baby”

Have you ever thought that the phrase “sleeping like a baby” was a cruel joke?  Have you ever “slept” with a toddler only to wake up in the morning barely hanging on the bed with a bruised rib? If yes, then read on. Adequate rest is crucial in the developing brain and makes for a…

A tribute to Dr. Miller, from one of his patients, Cameron Robinson. Be sure to watch the video!

Click here to watch the video…..  

The World’s Healthiest Fast Food

Congratulations! You are pregnant and what an exciting time! It begins the most wonderful path of adulting that has been happening since the beginning of time. As a woman, you have the great opportunity to grow a human inside of you and bring it into this world to grow and mature into an amazing person.…