Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some answers to the questions we hear most often.

At Augusta Pediatric Associates, we cover a wide variety of services for or patients. Here are the answers to some of our most asked questions.

Yes! We are accepting new patients.

We accept most insurances as well – Please call our office for further information.

Patients are encouraged to call our office to make an appointment. We do accept walk-ins; however, you will most likely have a longer wait time.

  • School excuses can be given for the date that your child was seen. The number of days allowed will be based on appointment history and diagnosis and are at the discretion of the physician.
  • Our staff cannot provide excuses for more than two days without approval from the physician. If you need an excuse for more than two days please discuss that with the doctor before you leave the exam room.
  • If excuses are needed for multiple dates, those dates must be provided to the office. We will compare them with dates in the medical record and determine which meet the criteria for us to issue an excuse.
  • If it is determined, by your phoning our office and discussing an illness that your child is experiencing, that your child does not need to be seen for an office visit we are able to issue an excuse for one day only. The excuse will state that the child was not seen in our office but that you phoned in a report of illness or symptoms.

To insure that your child can be seen when sick, we hold time for “same day” appointments. All visits are by appointment including our weekend urgent clinics. If you walk-in with a sick child we will not turn you away but we will have to fit you in around those who have scheduled appointments. To keep your wait time shorter please be sure to call for an appointment as your sick baby will be more comfortable waiting at home than in our office.

Awake with a sick child at 3:00 AM? No need to wait until 9:00 to call for an appointment. You can call our office 24 hours a day and leave a message that you will need an appointment. We will call you back before the office reopens to get you scheduled at the earliest possible time.

Because we must hold time each day to see sick children your routine visits must sometimes be scheduled further in advance. The amount of time needed for check-ups increases as your children get older and are seen less frequently. That means it is all the more important that you call in advance for physical exams – especially if you children participate in sports or camps that will require physicals (nearly all do). It is often difficult for us to schedule older child check-ups on short notice. So give us a call before that birthday comes rolling around again and let us schedule you in advance.

We respect your time. Our goal is to have you finished with your visit within one hour of your appointment time. Unfortunately, this can’t always be the case. In caring for children we often run into the unexpected emergency or difficult problem that requires extra time. We ask that if your wait time exceeds 30 minutes that you check with our staff.

Congratulations! As you get close to your due date your obstetrician will probably cue you to choose a pediatrician. When you register with the hospital they will ask which pediatrician you have chosen to be your baby’s doctor. Just let them know which of our doctors you plan to see. Just after birth the hospital will notify your chosen doctor of baby’s arrival. The doctor will come to the hospital and perform a thorough exam on your baby within 24 hours of birth and will see him each day until you are both discharged. At discharge we will let you know when to come into the office for baby’s first visit – typically within two to three days of discharge.

No, you don’t have to, many of our new patients come through trusted referrals. We offer newborn consults for patients who would feel more comfortable meeting with their doctor (in person or virtually) prior to delivery.

Policies differ so you will need to check with your insurance company as soon as your baby has been delivered. Document all conversations with your insurance company and keep copies and confirmations of any forms you send to them. Be sure to follow up until you have confirmation that the baby has been added. Most insurance companies allow you only 30 days to get baby added to the policy if you miss that window you may not have coverage for your baby for several months! Georgia Medicaid requires a phone call to add baby and you can have a number for baby within 3 days. If baby is to be covered by Georgia Medicaid we have to have the baby’s number before the two week check-up.

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