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Introduction to Lactation Services

Lactation Specialist at Augusta Pediatrics Associates | Augusta, GA

Breastfeeding can provide so many great benefits to both baby & mom! Here at Augusta Pediatric Associates, our lactation consultation are dedicated to helping you through this journey & answering any questions or concerns you may have about your breastfeeding journey. If an issue is identified at the baby’s initial visit with the pediatrician, we’ll schedule an additional appointment for our lactation services.

At the initial consultation, the lactation consultation will take a very detailed history in addition to a physical assessment of both mom & baby. This visit will last around one hour. Follow-up visits will be utilized to re-assess the issues initially determined & address any new concerns that may arise. The lactation consultant is able to assist not only with feeding at the breast but also bottle feeding concerns, pumping, induced lactation, re-lactation, & formula feeding.

What to expect at your initial visit:

  • Review complete history of mom & baby
  • Examine mom & baby
  • Obtain baby’s weight before, during & after feeding
  • Assessment of milk expression, breast appearance before & after nursing
  • Assessment of the baby’s overall behavior
  • Observe breastfeeding-we will watch the pre-feeding behaviors of the baby, how baby responds to feeding, assess the latch, baby’s sucking ability, & the baby’s ability to transfer milk
  • Assistance with positioning & latch
  • Provide information for pumping, assess pump use & techniques, check fit of flange
  • Written care plan given at the end of the visit
  • Close follow-up by phone & a return appointment as needed

How to prepare for your visit:

  • Bring baby ready to eat
  • Bring any items from home that helps keep you comfortable
  • Bring breast pump if scheduled for a pumping consult 
  • Complete the intake form on our patient portal prior to your visit & submit it by the day before your consult. It is helpful to review all information before your scheduled visit. 

Disclaimer: Mothers who are interested in lactation services are encouraged to call the baby’s insurance to verify coverage. A payment up front will be required prior to your visit. 

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Candace Green, IBCLC

Lactation Specialist

Candace Green, IBCLC has worked in pediatrics since 2012. Her own personal struggle while nursing her son has made her enthusiastic to help others with their breastfeeding journey. Every breastfeeding relationship is different & beautiful in its own way. Candace feels it is important for every mom to be encouraged & cheered on for being the best momma she can be for her baby!

She is an IBCLC (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant), a La Leche League leader & feels that peer support plays a role in both success & confidence.

She is married with two children & they have a yellow lab named Gunner who loves to be a therapy dog for children.

Candace attends Grace Baptist Church with her family & enjoys the many programs they have for the kids. She loves to travel, go out on the boat at the lake with her family & attend UGA football games. Go Dawgs!