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Give the Gift of Time this Holiday Season 

As the Christmas season approaches, we are all thinking about holiday gift giving! For many of us, this means we are taking advantage of shopping deals on the latest gadget or cool shoes, but this holiday season we want to encourage you to take a step back and think about giving a gift that will stretch past the “thing” and foster closer relationships, giving the gift of your time.

According to the findings of a research study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health, quality time with parents correlates with improved mental health and fewer delinquent behaviors among adolescents, in particular. Basically, there’s a strong connection between the amount of quality time teens spend with their parents and having positive self-esteem and mental health. That’s why we’d love to suggest some gifting options that will culminate in you spending time with your child and better foster familial relationships.

Experiential Gifts That Foster Quality Time

  • Tickets to a zoo or aquarium – The RiverBanks Zoo in Columbia, SC makes for a great day trip! 
  • Tickets to a sporting event – even a local one like an Augusta Greenjackets game! 
  • Concert tickets 
  • An art experience like a pottery or painting class
  • Fitness Class – you can even book a special intimate class for just your family at most fitness centers. Try out something new together like Tai Chi, or kickboxing! 
  • A new piece of sporting equipment like a pickleball net, or rackets to take to a local center to play together 
  • Movie passes to go see a new movie over the holiday break
  • Choose a book to read together as a family and gift it at the beginning of the break then have “family book club” before the break is over 

The opportunities to get creative are endless! Even if you don’t feel like “gifting” any of the above, make some time to spend together while your children are out of school for the holidays by prioritizing family meals or going on walks together. 

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